Tokyo Scene / InterFM897 / NYD Mix


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Date: 01.01.16
For: Tokyo Scene / Inter FM
Info: I started my first day of 2016 with a guest mix at Inter FM Radio in Tokyo, ahead of a DJ gig at Harlem club in Shibuya. Rather than the usual set, I thought I would use the opportunity to showcase 2 of my favourite producers that I work closely with…

Zap Francis – whose debut EP I released on the record label.
Budgie – my DJ partner in crime from Livin’ Proof who chopped up a bunch of Japanese samples from the last time that Livin’ Proof went on tour in Asia.

The audio starts with a 10 minute interview with Japanese translation but skip to the 10:00 minute mark to go straight to the music…

Raji Rags Interview
Donald Byrd – I’ve Longed And Searched For My Mother
Billy Cobham – Shabazz (live)
Budgie – Innerspace (unreleased)
fLako – Chroma
Redinho – Bare Blips Bonus Beat
Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe – Harmonics Pt1
Zap Francis – Chime End
Zap Francis – Scuffer
Zap Francis – The Night Transit (unreleased)
Zap Francis – Exit Mind (unreleased)
Aoki Takamasa – Rhythm Variation 04
Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe – IntroOoOoO
Budgie – frolics in the bonsai garden (unreleased)
Budgie – kimiko5 (unreleased)
Budgie – soft touch (unreleased)
Budgie – naoya (unreleased)
Budgie – yoshiaki (unreleased)
Budgie – greenteakitkats (unreleased)
Budgie – japaneptunes (unreleased)
Budgie – toprocktothis (unreleased)
Budgie – fujisawaloveaffair (unreleased)
Budgie – kimiko1 (unreleased)