Raji Rags b2b Barker – NTS Radio

Raji Rags b2b Barker - NTS Radio

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Date: 01.11.19
For: NTS
Info: A 2 hour b2b with Barker – a producer who created my favourite album of 2019. The b2b was totally unplanned and we only met a couple hours previously at Gatwick airport ahead of our Bubble Chamber 2nd bday party. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Playing 1 track each and (in Sam’s words) pulling angry faces at how rude the tunes were 😠

Go check the BuyMusicClub playlist of all of the tracks played.

Barker – Paradise Engineering
Oceanic – Yellow Cone (Unison)
Employee Delta Rain Dance – Delta Rain Dance – 2
Simo Cell – Stop The Killing
Leif – First Image
Anunaku – Temples
Skee Mask – Play Ha
Oceantied – Flicker
BFTT – Ofusc
Chants – Muzzoline (Morwell Remix)
Walton – Rolla
Cos Bv – The Basement
Lmajor – Danger Tenebre Remix
Vee – Aether (Prostitutes Reduced Mix)
J. Albert – Paradolia
AQXDM – Leisure Techno
Lewski – Smooth Operator
Ahadadream – Melty
Dj Durbin – Can’t You Tell
Martyn – Odds Against Us
Caves – Reflec
Reptant – The Raid
Datafive – How Long It Takes
Safri Duo – Played – A – Live (Tsvi Edit)
Asquith – Let Me (Rave Mix)
Cj Bolland – Camargue
J-ZBEL – Tunnel Vision
Karenn – Crush The Mushrooms
Voiski – Sit Down Next To Me
Client_03 – Debt Loop Buffer
Maelstrom – Spasm
Facta – Rose Red
Microthol – Hostile Invasion
Overmono – Le Tigre
Tracy – Wntd
Barker – Utility