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Date: 18.05.12
For: Livin’ Proof
Info: As well as being a club night and DJ crew, Livin’ Proof is also a collective of producers. We decided to put together a mixtape of some current beats for sale from the Livin’ Proof collective. Download, listen and enjoy above… and if you want to buy any of these beats, get your wallet out…

All beats by DJ Snips l Budgie l The Last Skeptik
mixed and compiled by DJ Rags

Budgie – What Up Baby
Snips – Prosynth
The Last Skeptik – Oesteopathetic
Budgie – Earland Sample Piff Gang
Snips – Biggbrassy
Budgie – Cap N Sky
The Last Skeptik – Strawberries
Snips – Moves So Fast
Budgie – CRACK
The Last Skeptik – Brut Out
The Last Skeptik – Drum Roll
Budgie – Tierra Salsa Prog
Snips – Obanga
Snips – Victory
Budgie – Lakeside Beat
Snips – Ya Out There?
Budgie – Snathan
The Last Skeptik – Don’t Snitch
The Last Skeptik – Do It Like This
The Last Skeptik – Poor Forever
Snips – True Soul
Rags and The Last Skeptik – Waffles
Snips – Smakaflame
Snips – Clammed Up



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