Dudley Meets Declaime



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Date: Spring 2006
For: Dudley Perkins / Georgia Anne Muldrow
Info: One of the earliest experiences of being a DJ was being the tour DJ for Stones Throw artists, Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow. We did a 14 date tour around Europe, and also went on to Gilles Peterson and Benji B’s radio show. For me, having the opportunity to do this at such an early age was an incredible experience and really opened my eyes to the music industry.

This mix was produced as a small run CD sold on that tour. Only 100 CDs were made and features a couple of exclusive G&D freestyles over Madlib and KanKick productions… I actually had to get a friend to rip this as I didnt even have a copy myself!

DJ Rags Scratchtroduction
K.G.D Intro Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (prod. KanKick)
Fallin’ (prod. Madlib)
Caliways (prod. KanKick)
Don’t Trip Feat. Quasimoto (prod. Madlib)
Flowers Remix freestyle (prod. Madlib)
Welcome To Reality Feat. Grand Agent (prod. Oh No)
Episodes (prod. Madlib)
Lost Love feat. Rahel (prod. Eric Lau)
Testin’ Me (prod. Madlib)
Let It Be Known (prod. Madlib)
Money (prod. Madlib)
The Whole World Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (prod. Madlib)
The Alkaholics feat. Lootpack – W L I X (prod. Madlib)
Trouble N Da West (Whos Crew?) (prod. Madlib)
Move It (prod. Madlib)
Yo Soul (prod. Madlib)
Momma (prod. Madlib)
Dearest Desiree (prod. Oh No)
Life (prod. Madlib)
Accordian freestyle (prod. Madlib)
The Light (prod. Madlib)
Conversations Feat. MED (prod. Oh No)
WashedMyBrainSyndrome (prod. Madlib)
Song In D Minor (prod. Oh No)
Fonky Dudley (prod. Madlib)
These Dayz (prod. Madlib)
Do That Dance Feat. MED (prod. Kankick)
Fantastic Four (prod. Madlib)
DJ Rags Outro