Boiler Room / J Dilla – Welcome 2 Detroit Dissected w/ Amp Fiddler

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Date: 12.07.16
For: Classic Album Sundays / Boiler Room
Info: After the love that was received from my Donuts Dissected talk, Classic Album Sundays invited me back to talk more Dilla, and this time with his mentor and teacher – Amp Fiddler.

Containing rare tape demos from a 17-year-old Jay Dee, classic J Dilla productions and unheard beats broken down to their kick and snare bare bones (via Dilla’s own MPC files) and plenty of other musical nuggets, it’s a must listen for anyone vaguely interested in the genius’ work.

Recorded live at Classic Album Sundays at Ace Hotel, London.
Podcasted on the Boiler Room website.