Bleep / NTS Live / Daedelus / Om Unit


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Date: 25.10.13
For: NTS Radio / Bleep
Info: For this Bleep radio show on NTS Radio, I had Daedelus come into the studio to do a special live set and also old buddy Om Unit to have a little guest mix on the day of his album launch… Obviously, I played a few songs myself.

Daedelus – A Bloodworth
Julia Holter – Horns Surounding me
Mr Beatnick – A Simbiosis
Vakula – We have Soul
Dopplereffekt – Gene Silencing
Kyle Hall – Crushed
Moin – Stacie
Daedelus Interview
Daedelus – Flat Faded
Daedelus – Tiptoes
Daedelus – Music Concrete
Daedelus Mix
Tracklist Unavailable
Glasser – Divide
Four Tet – Parallel Jalebi
Rival Consoles – Rebecaa
Mind Wash – Special Request
Om Unit Interview
Om Unit Mix
Om Unit – The silence
om unit – Nagual
coleco – Focus 10 (Om Unit remix)
Om Unit – Deep See Pyramid
Om Unit x Kid Drama – Grind
London Grammar  – Strong (Fracture remix)
Pawn  – Your Words (Moresounds remix)
Boxcutter – Dream Gator (with Ken & Ryu) (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
Mark Pritchard – Natty
Ticklish – Luna Smile
DJ Rashad feat. Earl – i’m Too High
Om Unit – Jaguar
2 Tall – Rain (part 2)
Rustie – Jagz The Smack
Diamond Version – Turn On Tomorrow
Vatican Shadow- Contractor Corses Hung Over Euthrates River
Cryo – Oneothrix Point Never
Supreme Jubilees – It’s All be Over