4 Deck Mix – ‘A Soundtrack to Humanities Robotic Future’

Date: 24.10.19
For: Balamii
Info: James from Balamii asked me to do a radio show titled “Soundtrack to Humanities’ Robotic Future”…⁣

Because I like to make life difficult, I decided to do a 4 deck mix and then overlay some visuals from my favourite anime films.

Vaeth & Rother – Springlove
Boris Divider – RS-232
RWD – Spirit That Dyes
Carl Finlow 0 Undercover
Objekt – Interlude (Whodunnit?)
Sven Väth – Schubdüse (Anthony Rother Remix)
VC-118A – Permutation
Redshift – Glide
Drexciya – Lardossen Funk
Scape One – Life System
Boris Divider – Evolucion
E.R.P. – Ancient Light
Boris Divider – Reaccion En Cadena
Boris Divider – Extincion Humana
Robert Hood – Motor City
The Exaltics – Negative Agency
Carl A. Finlow – Chronos
Starkey – Spacewalk